Organizational Training

Whether corporate or athletic, your team needs every advantage to win. How can you help give it the winning edge? One crucial way is but often overlooked way is by making sure none of your team members are undermined by speech fright or competition anxiety. It can spell the difference between success and failure in a public presentation just as much as in a game or match.

Dr. Fish has distilled the essence of Goodbye Butterflies into helpful and fun half-day workshops for teams of all types. They can be presented either live or virtually. Deep discounts are also available for group enrollment in the online version of the 7-Day Solution, with separate editions tailored for those who experience speech fright and competition anxiety.

Organizational training is ideal for...

√ corporate divisions
√ athletic teams
√ performance groups

For Teams of All Types


Speaking confidently in front of others is important for businesspeople of all stripes. It can make all the difference in your organization’s success.

Yet, a full 75% of people suffer from speech fright. Plus, it doesn’t rear its ugly head only during public presentations to large audiences. Speech fright can also strike during committee meetings and even when Skyping or talking on the phone.

Let Goodbye Butterflies help your employees represent their organization with more confidence when they speak.

Sports Teams

Many games and matches are lost for one simple reason—nerves impair player performance. Whether standing at the free throw, service line, or the plate, nervousness can impair performance and diminish concentration.

It’s a widespread problem. In one key study, 63% of athletes reported anxiety had recently affected their performance. And the bigger the game, the more likely it is to strike.

Discover Goodbye Butterflies’ simple, non-nonsense answer to competition anxiety for your entire team.


Stage fright is a problem for most performers, and it isn’t just amateurs who suffer. One survey found that 70% of professional, yes, professional symphony players suffer from such intense nervousness that mars their playing. Don’t let it mar yours.

Goodbye Butterflies solution for stage fright is great for musical ensembles, acting troupes, and other types of performance groups.


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