Personal Training

Interested in a truly personal approach to overcoming stage fright, speech fright, or competition anxiety?

Work directly with Dr. Fish or a trained associate at the LittleSchoolOf.Fish one-on-one or in a small group to learn the 7-Day Solution.

Why consider personal training? One good reason is if your career depends on you finding the way beyond your anxiety. A good question to ask yourself is “can I afford to have an important performance, speech or competition compromised?” If the answer is no, then personal training is a good option for you.

Personal training is ideal for...

√ executives
√ busy professionals
√ mission-critical situations
√ turbocharging your training



Harnessing the video meeting power of Skype allows us to

NYC Live!

Live training in the Goodbye Butterflies process with Dr. Fish for individuals and organizations in the New York City area.

Both private & group sessions for performers, public speakers, and competitors. Centrally located office in mid-town Manhattan. Introductory session free!


If your interested in one of the Goodbye Butterflies personal training options, just fill out the form below. We’ll get back with you right away.