Stage Fright Holding You Back?

Let’s find out!
The following multiple-choice questions will quickly reveal just how much stage fright is a true problem for you as a performer.
—Dr. Fish

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What kind of performer are you?
Select all that apply. If other, please describe.

I usually do better in rehearsal than in front of an audience.
Stage fright provokes physical symptoms that affect how well I perform.
Stage fright keeps me from concentrating fully when I perform.
Stage fright causes me to make mistakes when I perform.
Stage fright makes performing unenjoyable.
Stage fright inhibits my motivation to perform.
Stage fright makes me pass up opportunities I'€™d otherwise pursue.
Stage fright negatively affects my pursuit of professional, artistic, or educational goals.
Stage fright keeps me from preparing for upcoming performances to avoid thinking about them.
I take beta-blockers or another prescribed medication to help me deal with my stage fright.
Stage fright leads to self-medication in the form of alcohol or another substance.

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