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Dr. David Lee Fish

I'm Dr. David Lee Fish

Do you struggle with stage fright as a musician, actor, dancer, or other performer? Is it undermining you and making the spotlight unenjoyable?

I know how you feel. I've been there myself and helped many fellow performers through my book, The 5-Day Stage Fright Solution. 

I'm now bringing my knowhow to an online course just for fellow performers.

Trust me to show you the way beyond your nervousness in just a few days.


Praise for the 5-Day Solution


Mel Fair (Halloween, Super 8, Scandal, Justified, Weeds)
"Having spent the last 30+ years in the entertainment industry as a director, producer, writer, actor, sportscaster and voice-over artist, I'm all too familiar with the nemesis known as stage fright. Dr. Fish has helped me better understand this unwelcome guest, who often shows up unannounced."


Pat O'Connor (artist manager & CEO - POC Media, Inc.)
The 5-Day Solution is an essential weapon in the arsenal of any serious performer, public speaker, or athlete, and anyone else whose career depends on persuading, entertaining, or motivating others. Dr. Fish is revolutionizing entertainment & public speaking. DO THIS!!!"

The 5-Day Solution transformed my stage fright. It's given me an outlet to channel the adrenaline and stay in control of my nerves! Being confident in your stage presence makes you feel unstoppable! I'm sad that I spent so many years letting stage fright make my voice shake and personality disappear. Make sure to check out the 'cuppa' exercise. You can thank me later.
Maddie A. (American Idol contestant)

As a media and arts teacher, I love the multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to the never-ceasing problem: fear of what others are thinking. The text uses psychology and philosophy but also remains bluntly pragmatic. I start with the 5-day method in my On Camera course as a means of freeing my students from themselves to become themselves.
—Dr. Woodrow Hood (Director of Film Studies, Wake Forest University)

I really like the straightforward and empowering method for helping performers recognize and work with stage fright without feeling shame, guilt, or embarrassment. The beauty of the approach is that it can be applied to other anxiety-provoking situations.
—Barbra Weidlein (

When you're 18-year-old twin sisters from Florida and trying to crack the shell of Nashville, it's easy to feel intimidated. The 5-Day Solution is a life-changer, driving the confidence & energy we need to deliver our sound, our dreams, and our art to our audiences! Thanks, Dr. Fish. You ROCK!!!
—2 Miles South (country recording artists)

What is the 5-Day Solution?

It's hard to believe something can help you with your stage fright in just 5 days, isn't it? That's because most of us have it all wrong when it comes to this needless menace.

Stage fright is actually like the type of finger traps we use to play with as kids. Our instinct is to pull to get free, but that just makes the hold stronger. The real answer is counterintuitive. The same goes for stage fright. The answer is found in the simple, proven power of mindfulness.


As reported in respected media sources like the New York Times, Psychology Today, and Time magazine, the scientific community is discovering something age-old traditions have known all along. Mindfulness offers a potent antidote for a range of problems, including stage fright.

Response to the 5-Day Solution book


"This book is filled with so many amazing tips that I can look back on my experience now and feel silly about all of the mistakes I made and the simple solutions I could have used to fix them." —JP  "Identifies the root of stage fright and eliminates it through the author's personal experience, professional knowledge, proven and tested solutions, and clearly defined techniques." —MM  "Incredibly written with good tips on stage performance and public speaking." —LI "This book could help in many situations, not just public speaking!" —PM "Want to get over your horrible fear of public speaking? Get a copy of this book." —BG "I know this can be a lifesaver for many of you out there! 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