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BIG Student Discount

As a college educator, I try to do all I can to help students in the performing arts. That’s the reason I offer a major discount to young musicians, actors, and other performers at colleges and universities beyond my own.

You can enroll in the full, Bonus Edition of the Goodbye Butterflies 5 Day Stage Fright Solution for just $65. That’s more than $300 off the regular tuition for the Enhanced Edition of the course! 

There’s a limit to the number of student discounts I can offer in any given month, so be sure to claim yours right away. 

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Limited Spots

One of the ways I ensure the quality of Goodbye Butterflies is by strictly limiting class size. If you miss an enrollment window, you have to wait until the next time I offer the course.

But why wait? Isn’t your success as a performer worth the investment in your future? The sooner you find your way beyond stage fright, the sooner you can realize your full potential.

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