Guest Blogs, Book
Reviews & Affiliations

It's been a great year for the 5-Day STAGE FRIGHT Solution.

Lot's of students have taken the online course and the book became a 5-star Amazon bestseller.

With the second edition of the book almost ready for publication and the course thoroughly updated, I want to extend some opportunities to organizations and individuals I feel might have a natural fit with the 5-Day Solution.

Here are some possibilities.


Guest Blogs

I’m be happy to write guest post/article on stage fright tailored to your organization or blog.

You can read recent posts I’ve created for Inside Music Schools and Majoring in Music in addition to my own posts here on the 5-Day Solution website. I'll write to your specifications, keeping agreed upon keywords and SEO in mind.

I’ve also written articles on stage fright for a number of print publications, including In Tune Monthly, the country’s leading music education magazine.

Book Review

I've been fortunate to receive strong reviews from a variety of sources as well as enthusiastic reader response for the the first edition of the 5-Day Solution book.

I’d be happy to provide you with a PDF copy of the upcoming 2nd edition of the 5-Day STAGE FRIGHT Solution for review.

Reviewers have found the book to be of particular interest given the importance of the subject to performers, public speakers, athletes, and casual sufferers, the unique approach I've developed, and the strong reviews the book has already received.

Affiliate Relationship

. A number of organizations have approached me about creating affiliations, and I have just completed the infrastructure to make that happen.

I provide a generous split on enrollment to affiliates on all versions of the 5-Day Solution online course. I can also supply you with a special discount code for click-through traffic.

I can even offer tiered affiliations to organizations. For example, a teacher's association might encourage individual members to sign on as sub-affiliates. If a member’s students were to then enroll in the 5-Day Solution, both the teacher and the organization would receive a split of the enrollment.

If you’d like to examine the course, I can send you a code for complimentary enrollment. 

Cross Linking

If you're obsessed with SEO like I am, you know the importance of cross linking between websites to improve search ranking.

I'm creating a resource page for and would be happy to consider you for listing. My hope is that you'll return the favor if you believe that the 5-Day Solution might be of interest to those who visit your website.

Let Me Know

Let me know if any of these ideas might be a good fit for you. I’m happy to discuss them with you. You can reach me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.