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Is Stage Fright Undermining You ?

Discover how you can find your way beyond it in only 7 days!

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Find out the exact reason why YOU get nervous when you perform.

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You’re a talented performer who practices diligently. In fact, performing is your passion. But nervousness spoils things for you—at least some of the time and to a certain extent—when you’re in front of an audience.

Your fingers tremble, your heart pounds, and your mind races. You certainly don’t perform up to your potential. It can even feel like there’s permanent roadblock standing between you and your full potential. Plus, you don’t enjoy the spotlight.

You’ve tried everything you can think of to conquer your fear, but you still get nervous.

Guess what, though? It’s not your fault, and you’re not broken. Study after study have shown that stage fright is a genuine problem for many performers, even professionals.

Natural or not, stage fright can still be a problem, a big one. But I have the answer for you. And it doesn’t involve a silly, unobtainable goal like becoming bulletproof.

Goodbye Butterflies is a 7-day solution to help you find your way beyond stage fright. It’s based on age-old wisdom that modern science is quickly validating in our own century.

Quick Results

Goodbye Butterflies reduces the problem you have with stage fright quickly. It doesn’t take months or years, like therapy can. In fact, you’ll see results in as a little as seven days. I guarantee it. Plus, I can show you how take a bite out of your stage fright in just seven minutes. (more about that below)

My 7-Day Solution online training course is also simple and non-nonsense. I won’t weight you down with arcane concepts or hard to follow instructions.


Imagine what it would be like to be able to perform free of stage fright’s clutches. You could finally show the world your full potential and enjoy the spotlight, maybe for the first time in your life.

You even could forget that silly nonsense about trying imaging the audience in its underwear.


Dr. David Lee Fish

Over the years, I’ve watched stage fright keep countless performers from achieving their full potential. I’ve even seen it end promising careers before they’ve had a chance to get off the ground. What a terrible waste.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a young musician and student of Zen, I stumbled upon the remarkable benefits of mindfulness in helping me find the way beyond my own stage fright.

I’ve used my experience to help many other performers find own way beyond this menace too, including my students at Catawba College—where I direct a thriving program of student for students of popular music.

I’ve now put together


“I’ve struggled with stage fright forever. Goodbye Butterflies is the only thing that’s actually helped me.”Maddie (American Idol contestant)
“Working with Dr. Fish has been great. He really knows what he’s doing and cares about the performers he helps.”Chad (theater major)
“I recommend Goodbye Butterflies to all of the artists I work with. It’s made a big difference when they perform.Pat (artist manager)


Stage fright is more than a nuisance. It’s a serious impediment to you as an artist who’s passionate about performing. Here’s what finding your way beyond this menace could mean.

  • Unlock your full potential
  • Enjoy the spotlight
  • Concentrate fully onstage
  • Stop dreading auditions

College-Quality Education at a BIG Discount

As a professional educator, providing quality instruction is very important to me, and I’ve poured all of my know-how into creating Goodbye Butterflies.

You’ll receive a college-quality experience at a fraction of what you’d pay at almost any institution of higher education.

Here’s What You Get

I’ve pack a lot into the Goodbye Butterflies 7-Day Online Training course. Here are some of its key features.

Core Features



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Limited Spots

One of the ways I ensure the quality of Goodbye Butterflies is by strictly limiting class size. If you miss an enrollment window, you have to wait until the next time I offer the course.

Besides, why wait? Isn’t your success worth the investment in your future as an artist? The sooner you find your way beyond stage fright, the sooner you can realize your full potential.

Guaranteed Results

Plain and simple, I guarantee you’ll see results with Goodbye Butterflies. Try it and LittleSchoolOf.Fish will refund your enrollment if you don’t.

I guarantee you’ll see results with Goodbye Butterflies. Plain and simple, try it and LittleSchoolOf.Fish will refund your enrollment if you don’t see any.


The 7-Minute Challenge

For only $7!

Why we get stage fright varies from one person to the next, and it isn’t always obvious. It can leave you baffled about why you get nervous.

You don’t need to be confused any longer. I can help you discover exactly why you get

You But I can actually help you take a bite out of it in just 7 minutes.

It’s a good way to get started with the Goodbye Butterflies process right away and get a taste of what it’s all about.

You get immediate access. So, why not give it a try?

For the price of a combo meal & the time it takes to eat it, you can have a clear understanding of why you get nervous.


Here are a couple of fun facts about stage fright you might find interesting.

One respected study found that 70% of professional, yes, professional orchestra musicians admitted to suffering from such intense stage fright that is sometimes marred their playing.


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