Course Extras

In addition to the main lessons, I’ve built a number of important extras into the 5-Day Solution online training course to maximize your success with it. The number of extras depends on your membership level.

You can find links to these extras on the home page for the course. To get there, select Online Course under the Members menu at the upper right of the window (you’ll need to be logged in first).

All Members

Here are the extras everyone signed up for the course receives. They are fundamental to the 5-Day Solution.

Cue Card. Earlier in the unit, I said that the 5-Day process is so straightforward and no-nonsense that it fits on a 3 x 5 cue card. You’ll learn more about the card on Day 3. You can find the link to download it in the Extras section of the course home page.

Performance Log. On Day 4, I’ll introduce you to an online log for keeping track of the progress you make in applying mindfulness to your performances. Fill it out each time you perform. A link to the log is found under the Members menu at the upper right of the window when you’re logged in for ready access. You can find another link in the Extras section of the course home page.

Enhanced Edition Members

In addition to the above, Enhanced Edition and Private Coaching members receive additional extras.

Personal Feedback. As you complete exercises in the course, I will personally look at them to make suggestions and offer feedback on your progress. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me questions about the 5-Day Solution and how you’re doing with it.

Hangout. Join others enrolled in the Enhanced Edition of the 5-Day Solution to chat with me about performing and stage fright. I hold online hours each week to answer any questions you have and to chat. That includes my experience with auditions for talent shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol.

Deeper Dive. Here you’ll find six additional units to deepen your understanding about stage fright and the mindful answer to it.

Extended Enrollment.  Your 60-day membership gives you an extra 30 days to complete Goodbye Butterflies.

Private Coaching Members

If you really want to turbocharge your efforts at overcoming stage fright, then you’ll want to consider the Private Coaching option. In addition to everything you receive with the core and enhanced editions, you enjoy the following.

Personal Onboarding. As a Private Coaching member, I’ll personally help get you up and running with the 5-Day Solution. That includes a one-on-one session for me to learn about your particular situation as a performer and make recommendations about how to get the most out of Goodbye Butterflies.

1-to-1 Coaching. With Private Coaching membership, we work together one-on-one in private coaching sessions via Skype or Facetime. We’ll hold one half-hour session per day of the Five-Day Solution to maximize your efforts in finding the way beyond stage fright. When you’re ready for a session, you can book it by following the link found on the homepage for the course.

Tips & Reminders. If you want, I will send you a steady flow of tips and reminders via text message on successfully implementing the 5-Day Solution.

Dr. Fish Ride Along. Private coaching members really appreciate this one. I will accompany you live via text messages to anxiety-provoking events during your membership period to coach you on the spot when you need it most.

Maximum Membership.  Your 90-day membership gives you even more time to complete Goodbye Butterflies.