Five Surprising Facts & Two
Big Secrets About Stage Fright

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I’ve studied stage fright for years, helped scores of performers who experience it, and suffered from it myself.

All of this experience has taught me that it’s a mysterious malady. Even to this day, I marvel at it. In fact, stage fright would be an interesting curiosity if it’s consequences weren’t so significant.

Indeed, I’ve watch fellow performers battle stage fright throughout my career. Usually, they do so with little success. That’s the reason I’ve created Goodbye Butterflies because there is a way beyond this scourge.

I’d like to share with you some of the surprising facts I’ve learned about stage fright in helping performers with it. I’ll also share a couple of big secrets that prevent most performers from finding their way beyond it.

—Dr. David Lee Fish

Five Surprising Facts

Let’s start with the surprising facts. Actually, there are many more than five when it comes to stage fright, as I reveal in the Goodbye Butterflies online training course. The following are just some of the more important ones.

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Stage fright can make you feel so alone as you stand in front of an audience. But you’re far from it. Stage fright (including speech fright) is actually the most common fear of people everywhere.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a full 75% of us suffer from stage fright. In fact, it beats out all other fears, including spiders, heights, and even circus clowns. Believe it or not, it even beats out the fear of death itself.

This fact led comedian Jerry Seinfeld to quip, “So you’re telling me that a funeral, most people would prefer to be the guy in the coffin than the guy giving the eulogy? Surprisingly, the answer seems to be yes.

And it’s not just amateurs and young performers who get nervous. One study found that a full 70% of professional orchestra musicians experience such intense stage fright that it mars their playing.

2 Big Secrets

What sets apart performers who find their way beyond stage fright from those who never do? They know a couple of secrets about it, and most have simply stumbled open them.

That’s pretty much how it was for me when I was a young performer. I just tried applying what I had learned in practicing Zen to my own stage fright and found that it worked, almost magically. I was shocked that something so simple worked so well.

The Mindfulness Movement has brought important scientific validity to the truth behind these secrets. It’s also inspired me to develop the Goodbye Butterflies 7-Day Solution.

By the way, you don’t have to keep these secrets. By all means, share them freely so we can help all performers find the way beyond stage fright.

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I hope you found these facts and secrets about stage fright interesting. Even more, I hope they’ve started changing your perspective to leave you with a sense that there is a way beyond this needless menace.

I’ll keep you posted by email about the upcoming section of the Goodbye Butterflies online training course.

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I look forward to helping you find your own way beyond stage fright.

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