Don't Let Stage Fright
Sabotage Your Next Big Event

Find your way beyond it in just 5 days!

Calm Your Nerves! Unleash your potential! Enjoy the Spotlight!

The clock is ticking down to an important performance/audition, presentation, or competition.

You have to do well and you're sure you will. You know what you're doing, and you've been preparing diligently. Everything will be fine. You've got this.

Except there's one problem, and it's a BIG one.

That terrible monster known as stage fright is going to appear and spoil things for you. (You're even nervous thinking about being nervous.)


Your heart is going to race, your fingers tremble, and you won't be able to concentrate.

Here's what really sucks. You're not going to do as well as you know you could, and what should have been an enjoyable, even triumphant, moment in the spotlight is going to wind up being an embarrassing ordeal. Forget about doing well. You'll be happy to just survive.


It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

You may think there's nothing you can do about your stage fright. After all, if there were a cure, wouldn't we all be flocking it to it already?

Here's the truth. There is an answer for stage fright, and some people actually do find it. However, they typically stumble upon it after a lot of trial and error

When you do find the answer, you don't have to worry about the silly nonsense of imaging the audience in its underwear. You could be in your underwear and it wouldn't matter.

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Still Undecided?

Maybe learning more about the 5-Day STAGE FRIGHT Solution will will help you decide it's time to do something about your stage fright.

Results in Just 5 Days?

It's hard to believe that something can help you with stage fright in just 5 days, isn't it? That's because most of us have it all wrong when it comes to this needless menace.

Stage fright is actually like the type of finger traps we use to play with as kids. Our instinct is to pull to get free, but that just makes the hold stronger. The real answer is counterintuitive. The same goes for stage fright.

The Power of Mindfulness

What exactly is the counterintuitive answer for stage fright? It's found in the simple power of mindfulness.

As reported in respected media sources like the New York Times, Psychology Today, and Time magazine, the scientific community is discovering something age-old traditions have known all along. Mindfulness offers a potent antidote for a range of problems, including stage fright.

College-Quality Training

With the 5-Day Solution, I've brought together my many years of experience as a performer and educator along with my long background in the practice of mindfulness to help individuals find their own way beyond stage fright.

It's based on the revolutionary approach I developed for my students at the college where I direct a nationally recognized program of study for talent students of popular music.

My LittleSchoolOf.Fish is now offering an expanded version online for performers, public speakers, and all others who suffer from stage fright at a fraction of the cost you'd pay to enroll in a college course.

The 5-Day Solution is for...

public speakers

casual sufferers

Dr. David Lee Fish, Ph.D.

Over the years, I’ve watched stage fright and speech fright stand between too many individuals and their full potential. I’ve even seen it end promising careers before they’ve had a chance to get off the ground. What an incredible waste.

As a young musician, I stumbled upon the remarkable benefits of mindfulness in helping me find my own way beyond stage fright. I’ve used this experience to create a straightforward approach for helping others do the same.

In YOUR Underwear!

Forget that silly nonsense about imagining the audience in its underwear. Instead, find the freedom from stage fright that lets you rock out even if you're in your underwear in front of an audience.

You owe it yourself as a performer. In fact, finding the way beyond stage fright is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself.

Features & Benefits

My 5-Day online training program is much more than an e-course. I personally guide you through the 5-Day Solution. You'll also enjoy the following benefits.

You won’t just read about mindfulness. I'll help you actively apply it to your own stage fright to find the way beyond it.

Guaranteed Results!

LittleSchoolOf.Fish guarantees you'll see results with the 5-Day Solution. If you don't, we'll refund your enrollment. So, there's no risk in trying the 5-Day Solution.