A Third Big Secret

In the video you just watched, I talked about two secrets that performers who find their way beyond stage fright discover in one way or another. There's a third secret I want to share with you here.

(If you haven't watched Video 1 in the free training series yet, please do so before reading this page.)

Peak Performance

Here's the third secret. There's an added benefit to mindfulness for performers, and it's a big one. Mindfulness serves as the gateway to flow and peak performance.

Flow is the mental state in which you're completely immersed in an activity. When you flow, you experience life through what feels like a deeper, more direct connection. You're in the moment, in the zone, on fire.

Added Benefit

Peak performance in all sorts of activities relies on flow, including playing music, acting, and dancing, and mindfulness opens the door to it.

That's why developing mindfulness holds such value. Not only can it help you find your way beyond stage fright, but it can also help you flow more deeply to perform at your peak and achieve your full potential as a performer.

It can even help you learn to enjoy the spotlight instead of fearing it.