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★★★★★ This is a very interesting and surprisingly entertaining self-help book by an articulate and highly qualified author. He instills faith in his plausible method, his inspirational charisma makes you believe in it, and it becomes very difficult to disagree with the abundant good points he makes. A great success of a book, with something for everyone.
Matt McAvoy (MJV Literary Review)

Thorough, yet concise, this useful guide helps you identify the root of stage fright and eliminate it through practical, clearly defined techniques. The encouraging tone, plethora of information, and side benefits of mindfulness and self-awareness add to the book's appeal and value.
--Maya Fleischman (San Francisco Book Review)

★★★★★ Infused with a practical but can-do attitude throughout, the 5-Day Solution is encouraging but not overwhelming. It is written in a way that makes for easy consumption and understanding, providing gems for all aspects of life. And while Fish has crafted such an engaging book that it can be read in one sitting, he also provides content that is guaranteed to be reread and pored over. A great book for anyone looking to combat their fears and live the life they would love.
--Kayti Nika Raet (Readers' Favorite)

★★★★★ A well-written book using plain English without any jargon. As a psychology graduate, and as an individual who suffers from stage fright during any sort of public speaking, I found the 5-Day Solution to be both interesting and helpful. I felt like the author truly understood my anxiety with public speaking and that made it so much easier to follow.
--Sefina Hawke (Readers' Favorite)

★★★★★ Offers practical solutions to a problem that plagues people from all walks of life. I loved seeing how he was able to apply Zen principles and philosophy in developing his stage fright strategy. I enjoyed working through the 5-Day chapters and doing the workbook exercises and love that unforgettable image of the strawberry and the monk. Fish makes it easy to get into his book. You might even learn to embrace that fear and harness its energy to boost your performance. Most highly recommended
--Jack Mangus (Readers' Favorite)

For anyone who has ever been required to appear before an audience yet suffers from stage fright, but it doesn't just come from a doctor who hands out advice. It's written by a fellow sufferer who well knows the mechanisms and challenges of stage fright, and who uses his personal experience and professional knowledge to provide tested solutions that work on many levels.
--D. Donovan (Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)

About the Author

Dr. David Lee Fish has served as a tenured associate professor of the music at Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina for more than a decade. He is past chair of the Music Department and current PJ Leonard Associate Professor of Music.

The country’s leading music education magazine, In Tune Monthly, has recognized Catawba as a Best Music School for eight years running and the Princeton Review has noted, “For theater and music students of all stripes, Catawba demands consideration.”

At Catawba, Dr. Fish founded and continues to direct a thriving degree concentration for popular music that attracts talented students from across the country. Five of his songwriting students have been finalists in the annual BMI John Lennon songwriting contest, a national competition that receives thousands of entries each year.

Dr. Fish has been at the forefront of mindfulness education for performers and is a Research Professional Member of the American Mindfulness Research Association.

As a professional musician, Dr. Fish has shared the stage with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Cher, and the Temptations. He is also the author of Jazz: Then and Now published by Music Alive!



Pat O'Connor (artist manager & CEO - POC Media, Inc.)
The 5-Day Solution is an essential weapon in the arsenal of any serious performer, public speaker, or athlete, and anyone else whose career depends on persuading, entertaining, or motivating others. Dr. Fish is revolutionizing entertainment & public speaking. DO THIS!!!"

Mel Fair (Halloween, Super 8, Scandal, Justified, Weeds)
Having spent the last 30+ years in the entertainment industry as a director, producer, writer, actor, sportscaster and voice-over artist, I'm all too familiar with the nemesis known as stage fright. Dr. Fish has helped me better understand this unwelcome guest, who often shows up unannounced.
The 5-Day Solution transformed my stage fright. It's given me an outlet to channel the adrenaline and stay in control of my nerves! Being confident in your stage presence makes you feel unstoppable! I'm sad that I spent so many years letting stage fright make my voice shake and personality disappear. Make sure to check out the 'cuppa' exercise. You can thank me later.
Maddie A. (American Idol contestant)

As a media and arts teacher, I love the multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to the never-ceasing problem: fear of what others are thinking. The text uses psychology and philosophy but also remains bluntly pragmatic. I start with the 5-day method in my On Camera course as a means of freeing my students from themselves to become themselves.
—Dr. Woodrow Hood (Director of Film Studies, Wake Forest University)

I really like the straightforward and empowering method for helping performers recognize and work with stage fright without feeling shame, guilt, or embarrassment. The beauty of the approach is that it can be applied to other anxiety-provoking situations.
—Barbra Weidlein (MajoringInMusic.com)

When you're 18-year-old twin sisters from Florida and trying to crack the shell of Nashville, it's easy to feel intimidated. The 5-Day Solution is a life-changer, driving the confidence & energy we need to deliver our sound, our dreams, and our art to our audiences! Thanks, Dr. Fish. You ROCK!!!
2 Miles South (country recording artists)

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     Stage Fright Treatments

     The Mindful Answer

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Get your copy now!" —AM "Identifies the root of stage fright and eliminates it through the author's personal experience, professional knowledge, proven and tested solutions, and clearly defined techniques." —MM "A remarkable book offering precious advice and strategies to help us cope with one of the things that make most humans nervous. You can learn how to relax not letting your nerves get the best of you from this book." —KC "When you read this book, you will achieve your full potential as a performer or a public speaker." —BP "This book is filled with so many amazing tips that I can look back on my experience now and feel silly about all of the mistakes I made and the simple solutions I could have used to fix them." —JP "A very interesting book that will help you overcome stage fright." —KK "A great source for people who suffer from anxiety." —TR "A well-written book that will help you overcome stage fright." —RW "This book could help in many situations, not just public speaking occasions." —RA "The cover is hilarious but with a serious message for many people." —IA "even if you don't suffer stage fright, this can help you help your family and friends get over it!" —TD "A great book for your toolbox!" —CF "When I was younger, public speaking was one of my greatest fears! I wish I had this resource back then." —KC "Very handy book. The subject is relevant as the skill of public speaking isn't that commonly taught." —MK "This self-help book resonates with a lot of people who struggle with stage fright. A great read!" AL "It was like this book was calling out to me!" —DB "A book that covers an important part of today's life where people need to express themselves to succeed. Has come in handy in my life." —AK "A great do-it-yourself book that can help anyone with anxiety." —SH "Really helpful for my peer interactions and work." —SH "Stage fright could destroy a career at some point, hence, I'm going to recommend this to anyone I know suffering from it."  —NG '. I love that it gets to the root of the problem." —KR "highly recommended to everyone who wants to improve themselves for public speaking and doing presentation be it in university or at work." —MK "Author David Lee Fish, Ph.D. comes to this brief but impressive self-help book on overcoming stage fright with excellent credentials." —BL "An amazing book. " —MH "Dealing with stage fright? Grab this book and get coached through it!" —CL "Helpful for those struggling with stage fright and social anxiety. We all need a little help on that sometimes." —SG "This book is really helpful and real. It helps me overcome my nervousness on stage." —GC "Helpful in any situation you have to stand/sit before people you don't know to perform." —LJ "Useful to everyone, especially students having their thesis defense and reports.' —RI "I was amazed by the statistics he presents of how many people suffer from stage fright." —AF "A much-needed book for many people." —AM "I feel like this book is for me. It can still help me and everyone else who has to confront his emotions on stage." —LU "Written by an authority is something that cannot be missed." —MC "This book could help millions, even me." —KM "Good for anyone who has to speak in front of an audience but has trouble doing so." CD "both funny and artfully designed to make public speaking an entertaining affair." —TO "Mindfulness is becoming more and more recognized for its many benefits, now including managing stage fright in this well organized and helpful book." —TE "A wonderful book that is timely and helpful not only to me but to all." —AN "A must-read for all those people having stage fright." —PM "I love the way Dr. Fish breaks down the complexities of public speaking." —NO "a very handy, practical book for pretty much anybody." —SS "Wonderful and useful for a lot of people that struggle with stage fright."—MS "Engaging and funny."—RG "A friendly, helpful guide toward a calmer public life."—JI "Wow as in wow!"—JG "Very helpful in preparing students to face oral examinations." PR "Just what I needed." —NC "Very timely, just the book I was looking for."—ZH "A great present for a recent college grad anxious about interviewing for jobs." AS "So glad for books like this." —KL

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