Stage Fright & 'American Idol' Sonika Vaid

Stage Fright & 'American Idol' Sonika Vaid

One of the standout performers in the final season of “American Idol,” Sonika Vaid, is no stranger to stage fright. Now that she’s made it into the final stages of the competition, the Martha’s Vineyard native is starting to receive quite a bit of media attention. It includes a profile interview found on the NBC news website. In the piece, …

Lamaze for stage fright. Wait, what?

If you’re an American parent, there’s a good chance you and/or your spouse relied on the Lamaze technique during childbirth. A medical intervention developed by French obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze in the 1940s, it helps a mother cope with the physical pain of bringing a baby into the world. It may also be effective in managing the anxiety of performing …

Stage Fright: PJ Gallagher's Reality Bites

From RTÉ Ten: Comedian PJ Gallagher has secretly battled with stage fright since he first erupted onto our screens with Naked Camera. But now he’s reached a crossroads: either he finds a way to overcome his crippling fear of performing or gives up the one thing he can actually do!