Auditioning for AI, AGT,
the Voice, or another competition?

Don't let STAGE FRIGHT sabotage you!

Nerves can spell the difference between success and failure for you as a performer in competition.

In fact, you might not even make it past the initial screening of a contestant if anxiety gets the best of you. What an incredible waste that would be. All of your talent and hard work out the window as you face the needless humiliation of rejection.

Even when stage fright doesn't completely sabotage you, it still keeps you from achieving your full potential. You simply can't afford that.


Do Something About It!

Most people think that there's no cure-all for stage fright, and they're right. BUT there is an effective way beyond it. In fact, it's the "secret" answer that many if not most successful performers eventually figure out.

But it can take years of frustrating trial and error to stumble upon the answer by yourself. Why? Stage fright is actually like the type of finger traps we use to play with as kids. Our instinct is to pull to get free, but that just makes the hold stronger. The real answer is counterintuitive. The same goes for stage fright.


Results in Days, Not Years!

Fortunately, it doesn't have to take years to learn the effective way beyond stage fright. I can teach you how to do so in as little as five days through my online course.

The 5-Day STAGE FRIGHT Solution has helped many musicians, actors, and other performers just like you tame their nerves in days rather than years. And you don't need to take my word for it.



Here's what others are saying about the 5-Day STAGE FRIGHT Solution.


Pat O'Connor (artist manager & CEO - POC Media, Inc.)
The 5-Day Solution is an essential weapon in the arsenal of any serious performer, public speaker, or athlete, and anyone else whose career depends on persuading, entertaining, or motivating others. Dr. Fish is revolutionizing entertainment & public speaking. DO THIS!!!"

Mel Fair (Halloween, Super 8, Scandal, Justified, Weeds)
Having spent the last 30+ years in the entertainment industry as a director, producer, writer, actor, sportscaster and voice-over artist, I'm all too familiar with the nemesis known as stage fright. Dr. Fish has helped me better understand this unwelcome guest, who often shows up unannounced.
The 5-Day Solution transformed my stage fright. It's given me an outlet to channel the adrenaline and stay in control of my nerves! Being confident in your stage presence makes you feel unstoppable! I'm sad that I spent so many years letting stage fright make my voice shake and personality disappear. Make sure to check out the 'cuppa' exercise. You can thank me later.
Maddie A. (American Idol contestant)

As a media and arts teacher, I love the multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to the never-ceasing problem: fear of what others are thinking. The text uses psychology and philosophy but also remains bluntly pragmatic. I start with the 5-day method in my On Camera course as a means of freeing my students from themselves to become themselves.
—Dr. Woodrow Hood (Director of Film Studies, Wake Forest University)

I really like the straightforward and empowering method for helping performers recognize and work with stage fright without feeling shame, guilt, or embarrassment. The beauty of the approach is that it can be applied to other anxiety-provoking situations.
—Barbra Weidlein (

When you're 18-year-old twin sisters from Florida and trying to crack the shell of Nashville, it's easy to feel intimidated. The 5-Day Solution is a life-changer, driving the confidence & energy we need to deliver our sound, our dreams, and our art to our audiences! Thanks, Dr. Fish. You ROCK!!!
2 Miles South (country recording artists)

So, What Do I Know, Anyway?

When it comes to stage fright, I know a lot. I've helped many, many performers find their way beyond it. They include the students in the nationally recognized popular music program I direct at Catawba College in North Carolina.

I also know a thing or two about competition shows. In fact, the best of my students receive private, invitation-only auditions for major series based on my recommendation and have made it as far as the quarter finals in competition.

Dr. David Lee Fish

Features & Benefits

My 5-Day online training program is much more than an e-course. I personally guide you through the 5-Day Solution. You'll also enjoy the following benefits.

You won’t just read about the solution to stage fright. I'll help you actively apply it to find the way beyond your anxiety.

In YOUR Underwear!

So, forget that silly nonsense about imagining the audience in its underwear. Instead, find the freedom from stage fright that lets you rock out even if you're in your underwear in front of an audience or a panel of judges. You owe it yourself as a performer. In fact, finding the way beyond stage fright is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself. It can also give you the winning edge in competition.

Guaranteed Results!

LittleSchoolOf.Fish guarantees you'll see results with the 5-Day Solution. If you don't, we'll refund your enrollment. So, there's no risk in trying the 5-Day Solution.

Let's Get Started!

Ready to find your own way beyond stage fright? To get things rolling, try my FREE 4-part video training course.

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