Stage Fright: What You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know About

STAGE FRIGHT: What You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know

to find your way beyond it


Do you sometimes think you’re alone in getting stage fright?

It can certainly feel that way since so many performers, public speakers, athletes, and others suffer in silence. But, trust me, you’re far from alone.

Studies show that something like 75% of both performers and public speakers suffer from this menace.

Even 70% of professional orchestra musicians experience such intense fright that it mars their playing.

So you’re certainly not alone in becoming anxious when you perform.

You’ll come to realize it’s really not such a big number once you understand the root causes of stage fright. In fact, its prevalence makes total sense.

Understanding the root causes of stage fright also helps you appreciate why there’s no one-and-done cure for your nervousness.

Three Factors

Three factors are always at play when you experience stage fright.

  • You perform, speak, or compete in front of others (an audience).
  • The audience somehow judges you.
  • The judgment constitutes some sort of threat.

The first of these factors, you perform, spea, or compete in front of an audience others, is pretty much a no brainer.

The second factor, the audience somehow judges you also makes sense if you keep in mind that the judgment can be either formal or informal. How enthusiastically an audience applauds is a type of judgment.

The second factor still holds true even if the audience doesn’t actually judge you, as long as you feel you’re being judged.

Stage fright hinges most on the third factor, the judgment constitutes some sort of threat. Despite being central to stage fright, it often goes unrecognized.

Nevertheless, you get nervous when you perform, speak, or compete because you’re somehow threatened by the audience’s judgment of you.

So, just remember this simple equation:

Stage Fright = Audience + Judgment + Threat

This formula helps explain why there’s no one-and-done cure for the anxiety you experience as a performer.

Dr. David Lee Fish
educator, performer, author
& stage fright authority

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